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What does
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We compensate for the negative effects of electrosmog.
We create clean air indoors.
We renature water.

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We cannot simply make many of the negative environmental influences around us disappear at will—but we can ensure that natural conditions exist. So that water is water again, air is air again and earth is earth again. This is what we at memon bionic instruments call renaturation.

Omnipresent pollution from electrosmog, 5G radiation, fine particulate matter and polluted water throw us off balance and can damage our long-term health. Stress and bad habits equally affect our health. We know of the possible consequences: exhausting sleep disorders, headaches, constant inner tension, annoying or possibly dangerous allergies, a weakened immune system, psychological and psychosomatic symptoms and so much more.

Developed over decades of research, memon bionic instruments' devices address the effects of negative environmental influences such as electrosmog and fine particulate matter. We rediscover inner balance, peace, clarity and strength.

Market leader with a technology
that is uniquely different.

The memon technology

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Whether in the office or at home, on the road or sleeping comfortably in bed at night—we are often not even aware of what is going on around us. How could we, considering the radiation surrounding us is, after all, invisible in most cases. Yet we react to it all the same—some sooner, others later. Of course, we do not want to exclude modern connectivity altogether and, in most cases, cannot conceive of doing so. This is exactly where the memon technology comes in; the memonizers create a natural, renatured living environment.

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You don't necessarily need to live under a high-voltage line to be exposed to electrosmog.

In principle, electrosmog occurs wherever electricity flows
- from the blender to the fridge -
and where modern communication technology is in use, as is the case, for example, with high-frequency wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones or wireless phones.

Fine particulate matter

Isn't harmful particulate matter only found on main roads in big cities? Far from it—the floating, almost invisible dust particles are very "travel-friendly" and penetrate through even the finest cracks and crevices into indoor spaces such as homes or offices. Cooking, heating, toner dust from laser printers and material vapours produce additional fine dust that pollutes the air we breathe—and the finer the dust, the more harmful it becomes.

Water pollution

Unfortunately, there are now many things in our drinking water that we do not want to drink:
Medications, nitrates, microplastics and much more.

Understandably, this is not beneficial for our bodies and we should act to make water the pure elixir of life again.

Geomagnetic field

An inhomogeneous geomagnetic field (earth's magnetic field)—which is present when there are high and low flux density values in short spatial distances, better known as gradients—can cause inexplicable symptoms and illnesses without an obvious cause, which can often force us to run from doctor to doctor for years without any noticeable improvement.

with memon

What can we do to better protect ourselves and our family at home from environmental pollution such as electrosmog, mobile phone radiation and fine dust, without having to give up the comforts of modern technology?

One bad night can make the difference between victory and defeat in top-class sports, so it's good that memon keeps all the disturbing factors away from me.

Marcel Hirscher 12-time Austrian gold medal winner - Ski Alpin

Since the installation of memon, the number of sick days in our company has been reduced by 23%.

Dr. Gerhard Beck Sen. Managing Director Gesundheitszentrum Revital, Aspach

If we lived more in harmony with ourselves and with nature, less selfishly, the great problems of the individual and of humanity would become unnecessary.

Ulli Ehrlich Co-owner Sportalm, Kitzbühel

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The story
behind memon.

memon bionic instruments GmbH has been around since 2002 and the history of our family business is a story with curves, corners and edges. It is a story about a successful entrepreneurial couple in the real estate business and of unexplained chronic ailments. A seemingly inconspicuous device with an aluminium casing plays a major role in it. It is the first step towards a version, provoking a rethinking and finally a new beginning. A decision with many consequences.

Sounds curious or strange? Not in the slightest. Read it for yourself...

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Erika und Hans Felder im Studioportrait und mit lächelnden Gesichtern

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