Do you have more questions on the topic of electrosmog and/or memon? Here are a few answers

What is electrosmog?

Electrosmog describes the term used colloquially for all of the electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields acting on an organism.

What does electrosmog cause?

Everyone is talking about electrosmog. Meanwhile, all fears seem to have been confirmed. A large number of studies show significant damage to organisms from electrosmog. The negative effect on cells is vital. It is believed that cells degenerate and that electrosmog negatively modifies the genetic information.

Does electrosmog negatively impact fertility?

There are studies on this topic which prove that sperm quality and mobility decreases when exposed to electrosmog. In this sense, electrosmog can negatively impact fertility.

Can electrosmog cause tumours, particularly tumours in the brain?

Electrosmog and tumour formation have a causal connection – this is what can be interpreted from the vast number of studies in this field. The formation of brain tumours is of primary importance. Essentially, these results show a high-frequency link.

How can the negative effects of electrosmog be “neutralised” for organisms?

Firstly, consider a meaningful reduction of radiation exposure. However, the effects of this are limited. A meaningful measure to take is to use memon technologies, which counteract the electrosmog at the information level, with no change in the measurable field strength. Electrosmog ‘loses’ its harmful ‘signature’ in organisms. Organisms no longer have a reason to ‘fight back’ against the artificial radiation.

Electrosmog in companies – how can companies successfully counteract electrosmog?

Companies have a responsibility toward their employees and customers. It is therefore particularly important to use a technology that detects the negative information signals of electrosmog and neutralises them, without changing the measurable field strength, and creates a natural environment. Room health is an important asset for companies. The freely scalable and easy-to-install products from memon create this. The necessary (technical) communication in companies is not disrupted by it.

What study results are there on the electrosmog problem?

The studies on the topic of ‘electrosmog’ are impressive. A large number of scientific studies have come to the conclusion that electrosmog is harmful. Study results relating to the opening of the blood-brain barrier, formation of glioma and acoustic neuroma from electrosmog are particularly noteworthy. A worrying level of knowledge has been reached. ( www.emf-portal.de has a good overview of the study results.)

Are there any court rulings on damage caused by electrosmog?

A 2012 decision of the highest Italian court (Court of Cassation) is especially noteworthy. The court upheld the findings of two lower court decisions to pay compensation to an employee who had to make phone calls on behalf of his employer for several hours a day using a cordless phone and developed a brain tumour. The court recognised a connection between the telephone calls and the tumour formation and therefore the link between electrosmog and tumour development.

Who should protect themselves from electrosmog?

Everyone requires protection from electrosmog. Every organism is overburdened by the permanent effect of rigid, pulsating radiation. Those who already show signs of sensitivity require particularly rapid protection. The human organism cannot ‘tolerate’ artificial interference signals (electrosmog) over a lifetime. Protection is therefore a necessity. And this should be done before the body becomes weak.

What specific sources of electrosmog are there in electric cars?

The relatively huge battery is problematic. It produces a strong low-frequency field. Added to this are the many control elements which partially communicate on high frequencies. However, electrosmog is present in every car. The fields can run riot in a “Faraday cage”. This is a problem for the sensitive organisms inside. Driving a car is an especially electrosmog-heavy experience. That is why it is advisable to protect yourself, for example with the memonizerCAR.

To what extent do threshold values protect me?

Threshold values in exposure guidelines are concerned only with the question of an impermissible heating of body tissue. It is not the purpose of threshold values to protect from health hazards and so-called non-thermal effects. “The valid threshold values ensure the comprehensive spread of radiation technology on a legal basis without any health policy being taken into account in any significant way.” – Quotation Franz Adlkofer

What shields me or protects me like a shield?

The targeted elimination of low-frequency fields and/or high-frequency radiation acts as a shield. However, these fields/radiation are only ever “shifted” and can therefore even be increased in other areas because of this shielding. Shielding therefore provides insufficient protection. It is also particularly problematic, as the frequencies humans need (e.g. Schumann resonance frequencies) are shielded as well, since the shield has no filtering function.