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Specialist assistant ... a first step

Earn money actively, without having to actively sell.

This position gives you an ideal part-time start to your new career in which anything is possible for you.

Without having to actively sell, you earn good money part-time. By acquiring your initial specialist qualifications and experience, you also create the foundations to be accepted in the master plan. You independently perform company presentations and needs analyses for your contacts. The quality and care of your analysis then helps the specialist consultant or team leader to make the best possible product recommendations for your contact.

Your responsibilities:

  • Company presentation
  • Needs analysis

Specialist consultant

Helping people achieve a higher quality of life and systematically developing your career

Do you pursue your goals systematically and does your enthusiasm enable you to inspire others to negotiate?

In this job you will find the best prerequisites to really set off on your full-time career!

Clients and colleagues will value the fact that you also always take the requirements of your contact partner into consideration.

Your high-quality, person-focused advisory competence is valued by private and business clients.

You are an inspiration for ad hoc advisers and specialist assistance, and shine as a representative for memon.

Your responsibilities:

  • Advising private and business clients
  • Product sales
  • Supervising ad hoc advisers and specialist assistants

Team leader

Are you ready to lead a team?

This position makes the highest demands on your specialist, social and empathic communication skills; specialist consultant status is a must-have.

Acting as a facilitator between the memon sales executives and a maximum number of twelve specialist consultants in your team, you have the needs and targets of both sides on your radar, and can integrate them independently and within your responsibility as a manager to the benefit of all involved.

You now pass on the specialist knowledge you have acquired to your team.

Why not accept the challenge to grow together with others, thereby developing your own personality at the same time?

Your responsibilities:

  • Generate own turnover, under supervision
  • Train and manage a team of maximum 12 specialist consultants
  • Acquire partners


memon makes life easier again:

Rooms become oases of recuperation, relaxation and regeneration.

With memon, clients experience fresh air and clean water, a completely new feeling of health indoors, free from negative environmental influences.

memon represents the harmonious connection between technology and nature. Live and act in harmony with nature, without needing to forgo modern comfort – that’s what drives and motivates us.

People’s awareness of the damaging effects of electrosmog and radiation is growing faster than the willingness – and ability – of politics to protect us.

The already high demand for solutions and consultants will continue to increase significantly in the future.

How about a personal interview?

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What you can expect as a sales partner with memon

  • A career and qualification plan in several stages which can be flexibly adapted to your specialist know-how and strengths
  • Support in acquiring clients
  • A salary system that rewards your successes with above-average bonuses and that enables and rewards you for taking managerial responsibility to an exceptional degree

memon offers you a varied position in which enthusiasm is a must.

You will be noticed and appreciated.

This is your chance to bring about the change in the world that you always wanted to achieve.

In this growth market, perspectives are excellent; the time to enter is optimal and the earning opportunities are exceptionally attractive.

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