Protect the things that are valuable to you – from electrosmog, mobile phone radiation, fine particulate matter, water and geopathic fault zone

Proven effectiveness combined with attractive design has already helped thousands of people with the following:

More enjoyment of life & improved sporting performance

Waking up in the morning refreshed

Easier working, thanks to protection from the negative effects of electrosmog

Protection from the negative effects of electrosmog and fine particulate matter at home

A natural room which protects you!

Bring the quality of your indoor environment into harmony with nature once again with memon.
The unique technology that works in many ways:

  • Protection from the negative effects of electrosmog
  • Lowers the fine particulate matter pollution in the air you breathe
  • Enjoy renatured drinking water

For the good feeling of being protected from negative environmental influences: in the car, on journeys, during leisure time, sport or at work.
A new, natural balance for you and your living and working environments –

simply regenerate naturally and fill up on energy.

Reports from doctors, athletes and private individuals on the effect of memon

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Who is memon for?


Who is memon for?

Protect yourself and your loved ones from negative environmental influences such as electrosmog, fine particulate matter – at home and when travelling

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For companies

Protect and support your employees and set yourself apart on the market

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The most popular areas of application for memon

Finally wake up in the morning feeling refreshed again

Does electrosmog give you problems sleeping?

  • Do you long to start the day really refreshed and in a good mood once again?
  • Have you tried everything to improve your sleep quality?

Sleep problems can often be caused by electrosmog pollution. And even if you switch off your room’s electric circuit at night, you are still probably lying in range of W-LAN routers or (hidden) radio masts in your neighbourhood – or in the worst-case scenario, you are subject to both influences.

Protection from the negative effects of electrosmog

Protection from the negative effects of electrosmog

Neutralisation of the effects rather than shielding you from them

Technology that shields you from the electrosmog of radio masts severely limits you in the use of your home technology and mobile end devices.

memon works differently:

memon restores the ion ratios and the quantity of ions in the rooms to their natural balance, protecting you from the damaging effects of low- and high-frequency radiation by the treatment field it establishes.

With memon, you can use modern communication technologies.

memon rather than a tin foil hat!

Regeneration for athletes

Regeneration for athletes

High-performance athletes put their trust in memon

The Austrian Ski Association has provided its athletes with memon.

The perfect protection from the effects of environmental pollution can enable better use of individual performance potential and a reduction in regeneration time.

Relax and fill up on energy at home

Relax and fill up on energy at home

Would you like to be a little calmer and have more energy reserves?

Our clients report that memon helps them to reduce their irritability in stressful situations.

Perhaps this is because their quality of sleep is often significantly improved.

Having memon in your home protects you perfectly and effectively from the effects of the damaging environmental influences that are active in and around your daily living environment.

These include the numerous and increasing number of electrical devices and remote-controlled appliances in the house as well as the interference you are exposed to through nearby radio masts or your neighbour’s WLAN router.

Be protected when driving and travelling

Be protected when driving and travelling

memon is the “chip tuning” for more wellbeing when driving –

without the questionable and damaging side effects of energy drinks!

Conventionally powered cars have now become computers on four wheels – and the electromagnetic pollution when driving in electrically powered cars is even worse.

From the outside, this “Faraday cage” is a reliable lightening conductor; on the inside, it has become an electrosmog trap.

Driving in a “renatured interior climate” not only increases the wellbeing of all occupants, but can positively influence the ability to concentrate, which is why the demand for memon from logistics and tour bus companies is particularly high.

But memon also helps the bodies of those who are en route by train or plane to cope better with electrosmog pollution.

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More protection for employees

More protection for employees

More creativity and motivation – fewer absences due to sickness

Among the many measures companies take to promote employees and their company image, installing memon is a sensible investment with impressive benefits for employees and clients.

Improvements due to neutralisation of the negative effects of electrosmog and air for breathing, reduced by fine particulate matter, are effective and proven.

For example, our clients report that the number of days lost to sickness of their employees is reduced long-term.

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