How does the memon technology work?

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Our current situation:

Wherever electricity flows, electromagnetic fields form that the body can absorb to a certain extent. With increasing digitalization, however, we are exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields around the clock. It becomes even more serious when high-frequency radiation is added – from the WLAN router, tablet, mobile phone, etc. This continuous exposure to radiation places too much of a strain on our body.

We get headaches, suffer from insomnia and have difficulty concentrating. Even changes in our blood count and cell activity have been proven, which does not allow our body to regenerate as quickly.

How memon works:

The memon technology was developed to protect biological life forms from the negative effects of ever-increasing radiation without having to forego the use of technical equipment. The memon technology neutralizes the pathogenic information created electromagnetic fields.

This happens according to the principle of resonance: A frequency with harmful information is overlaid with a natural frequency.

The frequency waves meet each other out of phase by 180 degrees, i.e. wave crest meets wave trough, so that the waves cancel each other out.

The radiation (technicial frequency) still exists, but the pathogenic (disease-causing) information is neutralized and is no longer harmful to the organism.

In this way, the memon technology builds up a natural effective field and neutralizes the negative influences of the electromagnetic field that is created wherever electricity is in use.

The natural spectrum of light. Foundation of all life

The visible light spectrum is only one part of the entire frequency spectrum. However, only in this small frequency range could life develop and be sustained on our planet. Frequencies outside the light spectrum negatively affect our life and all organic functions. This applies to all technical radiation, e.g. nuclear and X-ray radiation as well as to microwaves, mobile radio and radar.

The memon technology uses the energetic effective range of natural sunlight. This creates a natural state in our everyday environment, which explains the vitalizing and renaturing effect of the memonizers.

The result of memon technology

house without memon

house with memon

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