Geopathic interference zones

Water veins, rock quarries, etc.

Along underground watercourses, fault lines of the earth and at nodal points of the global grid, the earth’s natural magnetic field undergoes measurable deviations.

These deviations are called geopathogenic fault zones. When such geopathogenic disturbance zones coincide with fields created by our technology, such as mobile phone towers and electrical installations (electrosmog, etc.), those distortions can, in places, undergo enormous exponentiation.

These distortions adversely affect human, animal and plant health.

Ground radiation

Do you find it hard to sleep and are you often wide-awake? Do you feel exhausted in the morning? The cause of this is often earth radiation or electrosmog.
Many people suffer from poor sleep, nightmares or waking up at night in a cold sweat. They do not like going to bed or feel uneasy in their bedroombecause they fear they will wake up in fits and starts with a headache or backache. Most people do not know that most types of sleep disorders are to do with earth radiation . Over the last 50 years, the cause has been increasingly added to by electrosmog .

You may or may not believe in earth radiation. However, the fact remains that since the 1930s it has been scientifically proven that water veins, rock faults and rock fractures have an increased natural radioactivity . And since then we have all found out that radioactivity is a health risk.

Image: water vein under a house

Image: interrupted tree growth, strong spiralling

What is earth radiation?

Over the decades and centuries, humans have adjusted to the naturally occurring rays from the earth’s core.

The common term meant by “Earth rays” or “Earth radiation” means the increased radiation from the inside of the earthwhich is caused by…

  • Water veins
  • Rock faults
  • Rock fractures
  • The Global grid
  • The Curry-grid

Generally speaking, the term earth radiation includes all natural phenomena which cause a physical change in the Earth’s magnetic field and can therefore have positive or negative effects on plants, animals and humans. These include rock faults and fractures, but also so-called geomagnetic grids and water veins.

What is a water vein?

A water vein is essentially water flowing in the ground.

Water veins are nothing more than small underground rivers or streams. However, the water does not flow freely through the ground. While some goes through little cracks and crevices, much more is forced and pushed through solid soil or rock. This produces a steady and strong rubbing of the water on the soil, thereby creating a not inconsiderable amount of static electricity. This then creates an electrical radiation field . In addition, the natural radiation from the Earth’s core is increased by this static electricity, making the effect even more detrimental.

Numerous studies over the years and decades have proven that humans can react or be adversely affected by this earth radiation which comes, for example, from water veins. The strength of the source pollution and the status of the affected person’s immune system is of course decisive in creating a reaction that can be a symptom of a secondary illness. Aside from this, the more time the person spends exposed to the pollution, the stronger the symptoms may be.

Unique effects on plants and animals

Plants and animals are actually the clearest indicators of geopathic interference zones. While the symptoms caused by terrestrial radiation can be rather diffuse in humans (sleeplessness, irritability, extreme nervousness, heart palpitations, various pains, etc.), the symptoms are far clearer in flora and fauna. Most plants react to geomagnetic deformity with a corresponding spiral or twisted growth, atrophy, early forking or cancerous lumps. They are called radiation avoiders, because like animals, they intuitively avoid the fault zones. Plant growth is often negatively effected by fault zones, which can cause malformations to occur.

In addition to plants that avoid radiation and react particularly sensitively to radiation, there are also organisms that seek out radiation. Radiation seekers, like ants, bees, moles, snakes, wasps, mosquitoes, insects, and bacteria, thrive in “exposure zones”. It used to be that houses were not built where ants had their mounds.

Radiation avoiders such as dogs, cows, horses, sheep, pigs, and birds avoid water veins. Not very long ago, farmers would herd the pigs, cows or sheep to a pasture and watch where these “radiation avoiders” went to sleep. Only then would they build a house there. Even the story of the stork is no coincidence. It was a good thing to have a swallow’s nest in the house or a stork nest on the roof. If a stork bred there, it was good to have a bedroom beneath it: it meant fertility, as there was no geopathic interference there.

Earth radiation does not always cause illness. But it is a triggering factor in many cases. Although it is not (yet) possible to physically measure and record the radiation frequencies of a water vein or rock fracture, there are effects in nature that lead back to it. It can primarily be seen in the effects it has on plants and animals.

Image: water vein under a house

Image: dislocation of earth

Image: rock fault

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