Environmental influences


Electrosmog includes all electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields. Today, laptops, tablets, etc. are our constant companions. We like to surf wireless-free on the internet, want to have reception everywhere and be reachable at all times.

With all this comfort it is easy to forget that it can also have negative effects.

Mobile phone radiation

Mobile phones, smartphones, etc. are a must in today’s society. Everyone wants to be available around the clock, update their Facebook status, publish the newest selfie on Instagram or simply just make a telephone call.

In 2011, the WHO (World Health Organisation) classified mobile phone radiation as potentially cancer-causing.

Electric cars

In the automobile industry, too, technical advancement is unstoppable. Electric cars have the advantage that they damage the environment less because their engines use fewer resources. But the driver is constantly exposed to electrosmog pollution.

Water pollution

Drinking, rinsing, washing – water is our most important resource in many respects. Even after the shortest period of time, you will notice a lack of water in your body. It is therefore even more important that our water is pure and free of pollutants.

Fine particulate matter

The term “fine particulate matter” has existed for over 25 years and describes tiny particles that are smaller than 10 micrometres in diameter. These tiny particles penetrate deep into our lungs where they can trigger illnesses.

Geopathic interference zones

Water veins, etc. – a well-known phenomenon for centuries. More and more chronic diseases can be attributed to energetically unfavourable residential locations or the positions of beds.

We want to make life easier for you and create an oasis of relaxation and calm. Experience fresh air and clean water, a completely new feeling of health in a room, free from negative environmental influences.

Technology and nature are not mutually exclusive. The solution is to recreate natural conditions.

Live and act in harmony with nature – that’s what drives us.

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