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Internationally committed dedication to people, environment, nature, research and social projects


Dedicated to finding your natural balance

The development and executive managers of memon feel that it is their mission to help to protect people holistically from the increasing levels of environmental pollution. Effective products, “made in Germany”, are the result of continuous research. Presentations and information events contribute to awakening and expanding people’s awareness about the correlations between environmental pollution and disturbances in their sense of wellbeing and quality of life.

People at memon

Erika Felder, executive director

Hans Felder, executive director

Winfried M. Dochow, research

What else would you like to know about memon?

Chronological company development – the essentials at a glance

Das Wichtigste auf einen Blick

2016 Expanding the product range:

  • memonizerBUS
  • memonizerECAR
  • memonizerDOG


Cell study by Dr Dartsch

memon international:

Signing of contract and first deliveries to Hong Kong


Eufag Europa Fortbildungsakademie Gesundheit

2015 Expanding the product range:

  • memonAPP


Hans Felder appointed Senator of Economy

Nominated for:

Health Media Award

2014 Expanding the product range:

  • memonizerFOOD

New release:

Meta study: Wissenschaftlichkeits-Check zur Wirkungsweise der Memon-Technologie [Scientific verification of Memon technology’s principle of operation], book – author: Dr Arnim Bechmann

2013 Expanding the product range:

  • memonizerBODY
  • memonizerSUN

New release:

Fein(d)staub in Innenräumen [Fine (enemy) particulate matter in indoor spaces], book – authors: Dr Friedhelm Schneider, Dr Michael Steinhöfel; ISBN: 3981281853

2012 Collaboration:

Member of the Bavarian Environmental Alliance

2011 New marketing concept:

The transformers are now called “memonizers”; the company slogan: RENATURE YOUR LIFE


Ecar pilot study memonizerCAR at Smiles AG


memon becomes official supplier to the Austrian Skiing Association (ÖSV)

2010 memon transformer gets a new design!

Expanding the product range:

  • Synchrotest-Gerät

memon international:

Signing of contract and first deliveries to Switzerland

2009 memon international:

Signing of contract and first deliveries to Belgium and Holland

New release:

Die memon Revolution [The memon revolution], , book – author: Ferry Hirschmann; ISBN: 3981281802



2007 memon international:

Signing of contract and first deliveries to France

2005 New release:

Achtung Wasser – Einblicke in die Seele des Wassers [Beware: Water – Insights into the Soul of Water], book – author: Bernd Bruns; ISBN: 3981072804

2004 New release:

1st issue of Natürlich Gesund (Naturally Healthy) magazine

2002 Company founded by Erika and Hans Felder

What was the idea behind memon?

Ecology meets health

Erika and Hans Felder founded memon in 2002.

Their complete conviction gave them the courage to make this decision. After all, for thirty years they had headed a successful real estate and property development company which was one of the top companies in the region. The search for natural and ecological building components as well as their experiences with their own health were key factors in putting the two entrepreneurs in touch with Winfried M. Dochow, the inventor and developer of the memon technology. They are fascinated by the effects of this technology.

To make this enthusiasm and enrichment accessible to many people to bring about decisive improvements in the quality of life is the great motivation for these entrepreneurs, just as it is for the employees, scientists, physicians and professionals who are active at memon. Thanks to their efficiency, quality, design and user-friendliness, memon products are winning over users.

For an authentic goal: RENATURE YOUR LIFE !

Many thousands of people now rely on the memon technology: at home, in the office and on the go. That’s also attested to by many top hotels, retail chains, concert halls and the Austrian ski team.

Start now and improve your living environment and quality of life.

What happened before memon?

Information changed the behaviour of materials

Engineer Winfried M. Dochow studied the interaction between people and nature for many years and began to experiment with the elimination of negative environmental influences as early as 1982.

He developed a completely new technology that neutralises negative information from artificial electromagnetic fields and radiation as well as earth radiation and pollution for organisms.

This technology still forms the basis of all memonizers today.


Humans are one part of the bigger picture

memon has set itself the aim of making it possible for people to live their lives free of negative environmental influences and in harmony with nature. To offer protection without giving up modern technology.

So the company slogan thereby follows nature: RENATURE YOUR LIFE

Further important points of focus are the responsible use of technology and a fundamentally critical awareness of its side effects.

Personal responsibility regarding environmental pollution such as electrosmog should become as important as cleaning your teeth.


Headquartered in Bavaria and now at home throughout the world

From our manufacturing location in Rosenheim, we now send memon products all over the world.

Current boom regions include Asia, particularly Hong Kong, China and Macau, as well as the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates.

Social commitment

Promoting quality of life…

… even for those in need!

Stay informed on the go

with the memon app

Lifestyle app for health-conscious people

  • Mobile phone masts: With one glance, you can see how many mobile phone masts are located around you. You can also enter your location and look for mobile communications masts in this area. The function is currently available for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Electrosmog: Find out how much electrosmog you are surrounded by: Railway lines, high-voltage power lines and various power stations in the area.
  • Vehicles: How long do you sit in the car, exposed to the influences of electrosmog? With the vehicle tracker, you can get an overview of how much time you really spend in your car – daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Food: Scan your food over the barcode or search directly for a specific product. In an easy-to-understand way, the app shows you the health-relevant nutrients such as fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.