One experience that changes everything…

By Hans Felder

It was the year 1999 and everything was going wonderfully for us. My wife Erika and I really had everything that other people only dream of. We had a good marriage, lived in a lovely house and were both employed in the real estate and property development sector. Over thirty years we had built up a really impressive company with up to 45 employees, and our actions were confirmed on a daily basis by its extraordinary success.

From the outside, there was no reason to consider any kind of change. We were both more than contented; despite this, we gave up everything “at the drop of a hat” and decided to follow a completely new path, although there seemed to be no reason for us to do this. But let’s start this unusual story from the very beginning:

Erika – who, as the owner of a very successful real estate company, was very busy at work – suffered time and again from terrible neck tension. “Typical office job,” we assumed, and went to all sorts of specialist doctors and physiotherapists for advice. But the attacks became increasingly worse and the diagnosis of the doctors increasingly vague at the same time. No physical cause could be established despite all the technical and health examinations and so the cause was blamed on stress and computer work. Erika’s painful odyssey took two years without the slightest tendency for improvement coming into view.

Until one day an employee suggested that Erika consult a natural health practitioner. Wolfgang Paliga carried out a very unusual examination procedure. He tested his patients with a rod. We later discovered that this method is called radiesthesia. The prompt diagnosis from the natural health practitioner was: “You have a problem in the area of your upper cervical vertebra and also from the effects of vaccination and toxins. Furthermore, in the upper cervical vertebra area, you are lying on a water vein which has been twisting your third cervical vertebra for two years.”

Genius or quack?

At first, we were speechless and didn’t know if we should trust such “humbug”. “He’s bonkers” was my first reaction. We have been living in the same house for 17 years; where is a water vein supposed to have come from in the bedroom all of a sudden?” But the pain was stronger than our doubts and Erika remembered suddenly that we had moved around the bed exactly two years ago. She embarked on this unusual treatment. Following a toxin removal, the natural health practitioner reset her cervical vertebra and recommended that we move the bed back. As an alternative, he showed us a small steel pipe that was apparently able to eliminate the pathogenic effect of the water vein. Our entire house would be neutralised with this measure, and free from geopathogenic radiation and electrosmog. We decided to take this option. We acquired this device (memonizer) and my wife became immediately free of pain. This was the moment which changed our thinking, and later our actions, completely.

The point of no return…

Actually, we could hardly believe it, but the effect was so overpowering that we started to explore this issue in more depth. We had already specialised in ecological building in our real estate work, but this was something totally new. I had many conversations with the natural health practitioner, who impressively demonstrated the effectiveness of a chip that protects you from electrosmog when travelling; I was so impressed, I got in touch with the developer, Winfried M. Dochow. His ideas and developments were absolutely new to me. He led me into a holistic world which had previously been hidden to Erika and myself. Filled with enthusiasm, I explored the material more and more deeply over the course of a year and accompanied Mr Dochow to events and client appointments where I was continually impressed by the surprising effectiveness of his devices. Eventually the point of no return arrived. Erika and I were full of enthusiasm for his products and wanted to help many more people in restoring their sense of balance and discovering the energising correlations of holistic effectiveness. Winfried M. Dochow was fully in agreement with this, because he is developer through and through and did not have enough time to market and sell the memonizer. After a very eventful year that had pretty much turned my ideas and philosophy around, I decided to give up my very successful property developer company and start again, right from the beginning. It was a decision which had far-reaching consequences and needed to be planned down to the last detail; after all, I was responsible for numerous flourishing companies and – above all – for a large number of dedicated employees. But I was longing to concentrate one hundred percent on memon – as we called our new company – in order to allow more people to benefit from this technology. A lifetime aim that not many people around me could share. Erika needed some more time before she could dedicate herself to memon completely. After all, she too needed to find a trusted successor she could pass her real estate business and employees on to in good faith.

Complete dedication to one’s own purpose in life

Erika and I have never once regretted taking this step. But although it was logical for us to follow our convictions, people around us perceived it differently. “Bonkers, completely crazy, totally naive” were some of the more harmless comments. We offered our employees the chance to follow our vision, but only four of them found the courage to swap a very financially secure position for a job in a company that was in the absolute start-up stage.

Our move away from the materialistic and towards the ethereal level brought us more than just friends. After we had opened the doors to change, we needed to accept it in all areas. Not only did our unconventional decision turn our professional lives upside down, it also had severe repercussions in our social lives. It was a very turbulent but informative time, but we are still happy about the courage and absolute determination with which we could stand by our convictions. Today it is clear to us that by taking this step, we found our real purpose in life.

We realise how right that was when we see the great enthusiasm with which more and more people are able to discover the topic of holistic living, when they first realise the fundamental healing that is possible at an ethereal level. Today, more than 15 years after our “personal turning point”, society has dramatically changed. More and more people are living with a conscious awareness of their own energy environment; they are much more open for the things between heaven and earth – things that one cannot see but which greatly influence us.

Like Erika and myself, many clients and partners are profoundly thankful for the memon technology and holistic form of wellbeing that it brings with it.

Company history


Company founded by Erika and Hans Felder


Sales development
Sales development with self-employed sales partners in Germany and Austria


memon training
The training seminars start

New release
1st issue of NATÜRLICH GESUND (Naturally Healthy) magazine –
supporting a social project with every edition


Member of the DGEIM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Energetische und InformationsMedizin e.V. (German Society for Energy and Information Medicine)

New release book “Achtung Wasser“ (“Beware Water”), author Bernd Bruns



First commercial clients receive the memon eco-label as “accredited companies”

First deliveries to France, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland


First deliveries to the United States, Canada and South Korea


NEW RELEASE Book: “Die memon Revolution“ (“The Memon Revolution”), author Ferry Hirschmann

“Golden tuning fork” Diapason d’Or, France


Product expansion
The memon receive a new design with new descriptions

NEW RELEASE Book: “Die memon Revolution” (“The Memon Revolution”), author
Ferry Hirschmann – now also available in English

Dr George Carlo, United States, “Double Blind Study”

First deliveries to Australia and New Zealand


Product expansion
Optimisation and expansion of possibilities for use memonizerCOST, memonizerFLATWATER

memon becomes an official supplier to the Austrian Ski Association(ÖSV)

Medical research by Dr. med. Michael Steinhöfel, “Study about the influence of a memonizerCAR in a racing car on the blood count of the racing driver during a 24-hour race”.  Dr med. Michael Steinhöfel, “Pilot study on the influence of electromagnetic fields in an electric car on the flow properties of capillary blood and the membrane potential of body cells with and without a built-in memonizerCAR”

Measurement of fine particulate matter
First measurement of fine particulate matter, “Effectiveness of the memon technology on room air using the example of air ions and fine particulate matter”. Measurement projects: copy shop, school and carpentry workshop.

Hans-Joachim Stuck speaks at the memon gala live from the United States and becomes a memon ambassador

First deliveries to Norway and Sweden


Product expansion
memonizer is personalised for the first time: memonizerMOBILE and memonizerCAR Stuck edition

Member of the Bavarian Environmental Alliance

Karl O. Fischer, Ingrid Fischer, ZweiFischer Institute for Natural Medicine, “Study of the effect of memonizers on the rheological properties of blood and further biologically relevant parameters in people using bio-electronic terrain analysis according to Professor Vincent.”

Measurement of fine particulate matter
Dr Friedhelm Schneider, demonstration measurement, Fine Particulate Matter Congress Klagenfuhrt, chemist measurement project


Product expansion
memonizerBODY, memonizerSUN

Receives an innovation voucher from the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and the Media, Energy and Technology for the “Optimisation of the static magnet field in interior spaces” project

New release Book “Fein[d]staub in Innenräumen”(“[Hostile] fine particulate matter in interior spaces”), authors Dr Friedhelm Schneider, Dr Michael Steinhöfel

Mag. Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger “Kohärenzspektroskopische Untersuchung zur Signaleinprägung in Wasser” (“Coherency spectroscopic examination on signal imprinting in water”), hormone study medical research “Positive Wirkung der memon Technologie auf DHEA-, Melatonin- und Serotonin-Spiegel” (“Positive effect of memon technology on DHEA, melatonin and serotonin levels”)


Product expansion

Receives an innovation voucher from the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and the Media, Energy and Technology for the “Certification examination and engineering for the entire EU” project

Prof. Dr. Arnim Bechmann, “Meta study: Scientific check on the effectiveness of memon technology”, studies on the scientific understanding of the function and effectiveness of the memon technology

Measurement of fine particulate matter
Dr Friedhelm Schneider, “Effectiveness of memon technology using the example of fine particulate matter and air ions in room air” Measurement project, manufacturing company for windows and doors in Italy.

NEW RELEASES, volumes I-III: Volume I “Argumentation profile of memon technology”; volume II, “Meta study: scientific check on the effectiveness of memon technology”; volume III, “Sketches on the theoretical foundations of memon technology” author, Prof. Dr. Arnim Bechmann


Product expansion
memonizerBODY DIAMOND, memonWATERFILTER, the memon app

NEW RELEASE Book “Ab jetzt gesünder” (“Healthier starting now”), author Tilo Rößler

Hans Felder appointed Senator of Economy

Nominated for
Health Media Award


Product expansion
memonizerBUS, memonizerECAR, memonizerDOG

Cell study by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Peter C. Dartsch, Institute for Cell Biological Test Systems

memon is awarded a Seal of Quality for cell biological effectiveness

Eufag Europa Fortbildungsakademie Gesundheit

First deliveries to Hong Kong, Macau, South Africa, Greece and the United Arab Emirates


Austrian Ski Association & National Team
World champion Marcel Hirscher becomes memon ambassador

CO2-Neutral – Climate friendly
memon joins the Climate Alliance (Klima-Allianz) and becomes a climate-neutral company

Product Developments
memonizerSMARTWATCH, memonizerE-MOBILITY, memonizerBODY sport, memonizerDOG steel, redesign of the memonizerCOMBI plug

Hans Felder is appointed to the Senate of Economics (Senat der Wirtschaft) in Austria

Publication of DARTSCH Study
The effectiveness of the memon technology is cell biologically tested and documented in the scientific Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medical Research


Entrepreneur of the month in the ORHIDEAL IMAGE magazine
Erika Felder and memon on par with the strongest brands

Product Developments
memonizerCAR-Set, memonizerCAR media, memonizerEARPHONE

Collaboration with Project „beefuture“
Project beefuture was created to preserve biodiversity, with memon hosting 3 beehives with over 90,000 hard-working “employees”